National Geographic has always been know to take stunning photographs of wildlife.  Now a pair of new robotic assistants, currently at work for National Geographic, are taking the lion’s share of the risk away from photographers.



The chief camera-bot is a miniature tank, constructed by SuperDroid Robots. Usually associated with the construction of bomb-disposal robots, SuperDroid is well up to the task of creating a lion-proof ‘bot. In footage on their site, you can see a young lion swatting at the little guy without much effect.


The second robot on the Nat Geo team is a MikroKopter aerial drone, which the team used to capture some cool aerial shots of the lions being both spooked and then inquisitive about its presence. That’s not what we’d call natural lion behavior, but it does make for a good picture. Check out the video below to see National Geographic’s robots in action.

Via Dvice