Benedivz performers donate a percentage of proceeds to a charity of their choice.

Benedivz has debuted its site where live webcam entertainers broadcast to viewers who buy “helping-handz credits” to see live performances and “requested” activities. Performers donate a percentage of proceeds to a charity of their choice. Benevidz will match 50 percent of their earnings and donate that amount to their selected cause. The company is currently raising $15,000 on crowdfunding site Rockethub for this noble endeavor.



“Our mission is to be the most transparent, proactive, and influential adult platform in the adult entertainment industry in order to develop funding opportunities for altruistic causes we believe in” founder Mike Wondercub said on the campaign page. “By providing millions of viewers a safe, high-class, user-friendly option for online erotica, we hope to reach our goal of becoming one of the largest charitable contributors in the world.”

Benevidz is a fairly standard adult entertainment site, according to Wondercub, who seems to be an expert. He said in a statement that Benevidz contains “the most desired features” of live webcam sites, but he aims to change the adult industry for good by adopting a philanthropic mission. Porn is a multibillion dollar industry, and this approach means some of that money will be used to support causes such as U.S. troops, battered women, cancer research, and abused/neglected animals. Benevidz currently works with seven “reputable” charitable organizations.

Anyone who is over 18 — and has with a hankering to get naked on the Internet and the desire to do good — can create a profile on the site. They can set up private shows, sell images, and chat with fans in online chatrooms for varying amounts of helping-handz credits. Viewers can feel food about watching strangers get naked on the Internet because the more they watch, the more resources go toward world peace, fighting hunger, and curing disease. Entertainers are also motivated to “keep content fresh” because they get to keep a portion of the ad revenues generated from their pages. Really everybody wins in this scenario.

The inspiration apparently rose out of Wondercub’s suffering as a child. His father passed away from cancer, and his stepfather was an abusive alcoholic. He thought there had to be a way that masturbation could help cure cancer.

“Out of these painful experiences arose determination and Michael resolved to direct his energy into making a positive difference in the world by raising money and awareness for organizations aiding those affected by domestic violence and cancer,” the campaign page said.

Money raised from the crowdfunding campaign will go towards legal fees, development of the website, marketing to recruit high-quality performers, and servers to host the website. It is based in Denver. The site is planned to launch this fall.

Via Venture Beat