Since introducing the idea of 30-minute drone deliveries, Amazon has caught a lot of flack about it. Since its announcement, everyone has been concerned about all of the little details like the severing of hands as the drone tries to deliver goods and whether or not the drones will crash and destroy their cargo. These are valid concerns, and yes people would like to receive their goods without being maimed, but one rapid shipping enthusiast wants Amazon to go even farther.



YouTube user Zach King has come up with Amazon Rockets, a spoof of Prime Air that pokes fun at the speed and safety of on-demand online shopping delivery. Why wait 30-minutes for a drone, when you can have a five-minute delivery system that will drop goods ordered online on your doorstep with specially-designed rockets. A neighborhood cat or two might go up in a poof of rocket fuel and fur now and again, but that’s progress!

All kidding aside, Amazon Rockets is a terrible idea and nobody should actually try emulating it at home. Seriously, it’s a joke guys. Don’t aim rockets at things. The message Zach King’s video is trying to get across is this: faster delivery is great, but if it’s at the expense of everyone’s safety (our packages and us), then isn’t it kind of pointless? (We already already have to deal with reckless delivery people throwing packages over fences like footballs.)

We’re all for drone delivery systems, but we need to ask ourselves if we really need a service to deliver a package within 30 minutes. We get that we’re living a new world of instant gratification, but whatever happened to patience being a virtue? Oh right, the Internet happened.

Via Dvice