A group of people in San Francisco have invented a drum kit that you can wear inside your clothing. Now, you or anyone around you could secretly be smuggling musical instruments — in your pants.



Welcome to the world of Drumpants, a Bluetooth-enabled pair of sensor strips that can churn out over 100 different musical sounds (including kitten noises, of course) when you slap them. From the name, you can easily assume where the sensor strips are supposed to be worn. Once they’re secured under your dungaroos, Drumpants can be controlled via a handy iOS and Android app.

Clearly there are myriad uses for under-pant sensors. The Drumpants crew themselves have made sure you can use the pair you’re already scrambling to get your credit limit raised to buy for answering you phone, playing video games and even slap-driven corporate presentations.


If music’s your life and slapping’s your passion, head on over to Kickstarter. There you’ll be able to pick up your very own Drumpants sensor set for about $140, unless you want to skimp on the Bluetooth, in which case you can score them for $99.

Via Dvice