Gluttony Pants: Chris Cosentino’s Pants Designed Specially For Eating

Pig Out Dude!
Offal enthusiast Chris Cosentino, of the San Francisco restaurant Incanto and The Next Iron Chef, has teamed up with the zany apparel company Betabrand to create the first ever pair of pants designed specifically for eating.Made in small San Francisco sew shops, these $100 “Gluttony Pants” have all the bells and whistles serious foodies need, including…

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Smuggler Had 14 Songbirds Strapped To Legs


At least these birds weren’t baked in a pie.

A man was charged on Tuesday with smuggling songbirds into the United States by hiding more than a dozen of them in an elaborate, custom-tailored pair of leggings during a flight from Vietnam to Los Angeles.

Sony Dong, 46, was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport in March after an inspector spotted bird feathers and droppings on his socks and tail feathers peeking out from under his pants, prosecutors said.

“He had fashioned these special cloth devices to hold the birds,” said U.S. attorney spokesman Thom Mrozek. “They were secured by cloth wrappings and attached to his calves with buttons.”
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Heated Mighty Pants


Electrified Fashion

There is nothing I loathe more than being cold, for some people overheating is worse.  Typically it’s the overly scrawny that hate the cold, either way, for those that do hate the cold, there are now these incredibly brilliant pants.  They aren’t the most fashionable wear out there and not exactly form fitting, but they’re certainly hot in the right spots.  In case you are wondering, the pants shown in the photo are the women’s pant version.

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The Swan Coat Hanger

The Swan Coat Hanger

 Its a coat hanger and IQ test all wrapped up into one

Isn’t it about time somebody redesigned the boring old coat hanger? The Swan coat hanger prototype was dreamed up by industrial design student Asaf Yogev, who created a deceptively simple pattern that’s a whole lot more versatile than those old-fashioned hangers in your closet and mine.

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Keyboard Pants for the Geek in the Family

Keyboard Pants for the Geek in the Family


The geekiest pants ever

“Hey good looking! Wanna play with my keyboard?”

Okay, so that wasn’t a pickup line that ever worked in the past, but here is just the device, well fashion wear, that might make it a workable line. Teach them how to log in, type in their phone number, and hit the return key again and again and again.

Designer Erik De Nijs, has stitched together this eye catching pair of “Beauty and the Geek” jeans. More pics after the jump.


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