One of the biggest stresses of going on vacation is packing. Dragging almost-bursting cases on and off conveyor belts and around airports is not what most people enjoy doing, but the days of lugging heavy luggage through various ports and stations may well be over, thanks to a new invention – a suitcase that follows you around.

The Cowa Robot costs $650, and it’s a carry-on suitcase that moves on its own at a top speed of nearly 4.5mph. It can even find its way back to its owner and navigate back to them within a distance of 164ft.

To activate it, all a traveler has to do is press a button in the handle and start walking. Then the clever Cowa will know to keep up thanks to intelligent sensors in the case and a tracker bracelet worn by the passenger.

Created by a Shanghai startup, Cowa Robot uses the latest technology to avoid anything in its path and actively look for its owner if it accidentally gets separated. It can be programmed to follow a specific path, and it has a handle so it can be dragged if necessary in busy spaces.

It weighs 10lbs, and tech-lovers will be delighted to hear the Cowa also has USB ports and a built in charger for smartphones and tablets.

It’s bound to be so coveted though that it’s another item you’ll have to keep a close eye on – you wouldn’t want anyone walking off with your intelligent luggage!

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