What’s more fun than a jet ski? A jet ski that can freakin’ fly!

The Zapata Flyride is here to make that crazy fantasy a reality. Riders can cruise over the water at 22 mph, then pop up and do a barrel roll at the push of a button. An awesome demonstration aptly set to Mötley Crüe’s “Kickstart My Heart” can be seen above.IMG_5864Unlike other hydroflyers, self-balancing technology makes operating this souped-up watercraft a breeze. Internal sensors and electronics make continuous micro-adjustments to keep the Flyride level, even when riders shift their weight.


It’ll run off any boat that produces upwards of 150 HP, but it needs at least 300 HP for optimal performance, especially if you and a buddy approach its 440 lb weight limit.


If you want to conquer the seas and skies at the same damn time, purchase the Flyride for $5,500 from Zapata’s website.


We’re positive Kenny Powers would approve.

Via Maxim