Range is all the rage when it comes to electric cars, but often range comes at a cost.

So, which plug-in cars offer the most miles of electric range for your hard-earned buck? For starters, no plug-in hybrid even came close to making the cut. The Chevy Volt was the front-runner among PHEVs at $626 per electric mile of range, but as you’ll see below, that’s not even in the same ballpark as the Top 7 listed.

Here we take a look at the Top 7 plug-in cars sorted by miles of electric range per dollar.


7. Tesla Model S 100D – $280 per electric mile of range

With a range of 335 miles per charge, this version of the Model S goes further than any other electric car available today. Its base price is $94,000, so you’ll need to consider that it’s easily the most expensive in this group of 7, too.


6. Ford Focus Electric – $253 per electric mile of range

After getting a boost to its battery for 2017, this electric Ford Focus, with its 115-mile range and relatively low $29,120 price tag, provides a pretty decent range-per-dollar return. Though at just 115 miles, it comes up a bit short in the distance category.


5. Volkswagen e-Golf – $243 per electric mile of range

A decent sized 35.8 kWh battery provides the e-Golf with 125 miles of range. Its price of $30,495 means that it’s actually a decent value in the dollar-per-mile-of-range comparison.


4. Hyundai IONIQ Electric – $237 per electric mile of range

With 124 miles of range, the IONIQ Electric falls a bit short, but its price is quite the value at $29,500, making it one of just a few electric cars to check in under $30,000.

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3. Nissan LEAF – $198 per electric mile of range

The top 3 in this comparo really do stand out. The 2018 40-kWh LEAF is priced below $30,000 at $29,900 and it returns 151 miles per charge.


2. Tesla Model 3 Long Range – ***$158 per electric mile of range

The $44,000 Long Range version of the Tesla Model 3 goes 310 miles per charge. However, that version requires the addition of a $5,000 mandatory Premium Upgrades package as of right now, so it’s effective base price is $49,000, which means it checks in at $158 per mile of electric range, landing it in the #2 spot.

******Minus the $5,000 mandatory Premium Upgrades package, the Model 3 with 310 miles of range and a $44,000 price tag would be at $142 per electric mile of range. This would slot it into first place, so when that mandatory package is no longer mandatory, the Model 3’s ranking will likely change.


1. Chevy Bolt – $153 per electric mile of range

This electric hatchback ticks all the boxes it needs to in order to win this comparo. It’s got a big 60-kWh battery pack and an EPA range of 238 miles. That’s only behind the Model S and 3 in this Top 7 list. Best of all, it costs only $36,620 for all of this. That makes the Bolt the winner in this $ per electric mile of range Top 7 round up.


There are several different ways to view value. You could deem lowest total price as the best value. You could examine standard equipment lists to determine bang for your buck. But, in the EV world, batteries are a big deal, so we think this dollar-per-kWh assessment is most fitting.

Via Inside EVs