We’ve seen enough. We’re going BIG on the death of big banking.

If you’ve ever had to spend time at a bank opening a simple checking account, or even worse—closing a bank account—you won’t be surprised to hear that Americans are abandoning traditional branch banking by the millions.

Even bank executives concede the massive shift in their business.

Deloitte reports that 3 out of 4 banking executives agree that their work is going to drastically change over the next 3-5 years due to digital business trends.

But even they aren’t prepared for what’s coming…

Because there’s one company that’s growing THREE TIMES FASTER than PayPal’s Venmo and is on their way to staking their claim as the future of “anything you do today with a bank account,” as one of their top executives recently said on a call.

And it’s only a matter of time before everyone on Wall Street is talking about and investing in this (still tiny) company.

Yes, you’re understanding this correctly…

This company has blasted a $16 trillion market wide open.

So who is this little-known company?

Big banking’s death could leave behind a gigantic hole that’s anybody’s to claim.

But we think we’ve identified the winner…

In fact, The Motley Fool’s CEO Tom Gardner, who first recommended Netflix in 2007 (when shares were trading for just $2.82), is scooping up shares of this one under-the-radar West Coast company. Here are some of Gardner’s past recommendations in what has been a long and storied career of investing success:

  • Netflix (up 10,065%)
  • UnitedHealth Group (up 2,023%)
  • Tesla (up 1,013%)

Feeling as sure as he has in 25 years as The Motley Fool’s CEO…

…Tom has sounded an urgent “Buy” alert to the followers of his investing newsletter. Simply put, that means this stock has as much potential as any on the market!

Because this tiny company has built a revolutionary new platform that our top investors believe is positioning them to dominate the future banking industry.

34 million users are already connected and transferring money, and cryptocurrencies, completely free of charge, with this company’s revolutionary platform.

And this is just the beginning.

Now is your chance to find out all about this remarkable moment in US history because I’ve just released a brand-new report that lays out the full story on the movement.

You want to see this story before you invest a single cent in Netflix, Apple, Google or any of the most obvious names.

Because Tom Gardner and our experts think this one tiny company will revolutionize the banking industry.

Could this stock be the next Netflix?

Like Netflix, this company is directly disrupting a longstanding industry, and we believe the sky is the limit (and we know how Netflix turned out…).

We believe this company could make just as historic a run…

And that’s why we’re pounding the table on Tom’s “buy” alert.

Via The Motley Fool