ColdQuanta, a leader in cold atom quantum technology, and Classiq, which provides the leading software platform for Quantum Algorithm Design, today announced a partnership to make 100-qubit quantum circuits a reality for companies and researchers that crave quantum computing solutions to their most pressing problems. The partnership combines the power of two industry-leading platforms: ColdQuanta’s cold atom quantum computers and Classiq’s quantum algorithm design software.

Together, this combined solution provides customers the unique ability to create, simulate and execute unique quantum circuits to address a wide range of finance, material science, supply chain and machine learning challenges.

Quantum computers can make a transformational impact on many industries, but solving complex problems requires complex quantum circuits. A qubit (quantum bit) is the fundamental computational unit of a quantum computer and the number and quality of qubits is a good first approximation to the power of a quantum computer. As the number of qubits grows, the utility and complexity of a quantum computer increase. Computers with more qubits can balance more extensive financial portfolios, simulate more complex molecules and vaccines, analyze more difficult supply chain problems and tackle larger machine learning datasets. With this partnership, ColdQuanta and Classiq are unlocking a new set of possibilities in two important ways:

  • Classiq’s quantum algorithm design platform makes it possible to create complex quantum circuits by starting from a high-level functional model of the circuit and then automatically synthesizing and optimizing a working quantum circuit from it.
  • The ColdQuanta Hilbert quantum computer will offer companies and researchers the opportunity to simulate and execute 100-qubit quantum circuits, with even larger models becoming available in the future.

“As the industry moves from toy problems solved by toy circuits running on small quantum computers to solving real problems that require complex circuits on larger quantum computers, there is an acute need for a high-level platform to develop these circuits quickly and efficiently,” said Nir Minerbi, CEO of Classiq. “Our quantum algorithm design platform is the world’s first quantum IDE that lets the user focus on the ‘what’ – the desired functionality – and automates the process of creating the ‘how’ – the exact quantum circuit that delivers this functionality. We are delighted to partner with ColdQuanta to usher in a new era of quantum usefulness.”

“ColdQuanta is developing a powerful quantum computer that can solve real-world problems,” said Paul Lipman, ColdQuanta’s President of Quantum Information Platforms. “Our partnership with Classiq allows us to create an easy on-ramp for customers so that they can model and execute complex circuits with ease.”

About Classiq

Quantum is disrupting computing. Classiq’s Quantum Algorithm Design platform is revolutionizing quantum software development. Forward-thinking companies use our platform to solve real-world problems with quantum circuits that could not be created otherwise. Our patented breakthrough technology automatically transforms high-level functional models into optimized quantum circuits for a wide range of back-end systems, turning months into minutes of work and making it possible to harness the true power of today’s and tomorrow’s computers. T

About ColdQuanta

ColdQuanta is a leader in Cold Atom Quantum Technology, the most scalable, versatile, and commercially viable application of quantum. The company operates three lines of business – Quantum Computing, Devices and Machines, and Quantum Research-as-a-Service. The Quantum Computing division is developing the launch of Hilbert 1.0, a cloud-based 100 qubit quantum computer. The Devices and Machines division provides products for quantum computing companies and quantum lab environments. Quantum Research-as-a-Service supports the government and enterprises in developing quantum inertial sensing, radio frequency receivers, and networking technologies, including high precision clock prototypes. ColdQuanta is based in Boulder, CO, with offices in Madison, Wisconsin and Oxford, UK.