This mouse makes presentations and games much more interactive.

Have more fun working with the Next Industries Tactigon SKIN wearable 3D mouse.

This workspace and gaming gadget adds gesture and voice control to your PC, games, PowerPoint, robotics projects, and more.

That’s right; it responds to hand movements and recognizes 48 different gestures. Then, with its voice control, you can zoom, open and close programs and much more via voice command.

Meanwhile, this unique mouse boasts 3 functions: touchpad, mouse, and presenter. That way, your presentations become one of a kind, letting you move around the room while still having complete control over your tech. Even better, connecting to this gadget over Bluetooth is simple.

Once connected, this device can run for up to 40 hours. Moreover, the ergonomic design fits easily on your wrist like a bracelet and is comfortable to wear on both hands.