By Ishveena Singh

German drone manufacturer Quantum-Systems has struck a partnership with forest management provider SKYLAB to allow customers to understand the state of their forestry assets better.

SKYLAB is known for using deep learning and aerial data analytics to generate precise and detailed forest maps. In addition to fully-digitalized forest management, the company provides dedicated services for seedling survival, weed monitoring, timber and carbon stock inventories, monitoring forest health, harvesting operations, and more.

Quantum-Systems is coming into the equation with the promise of enabling SKYLAB to maximize the usage of aerial data with Trinity F90+ fixed-wing eVTOL. Since the F90+ is compatible with several camera solutions, including the MicaSense Altum-PT, MicaSense RedEdge-P, Qube 240 LiDAR, Sony UMC- R10C, Sony RX1 RII, and the Oblique D2M cameras, it can cater to almost all aspects of forest management. 

In addition, a flight time of up to 90 minutes means that forestry professionals can move from just sampling and extrapolating 1% of the forest to knowing 100% of the forest.

As Quantum-Systems says in a press statement:

Using SKYLABcloud for easy data upload, seamless processing, analyzing, and mapping, with no prior GIS knowledge needed, customers can generate precise and detailed maps of the state of their forest, to be integrated into their own management systems.

The company further says that by using SKYLAB maps, foresters can reduce their operating costs and maximize productivity by identifying areas of low seeding survival, targeting seeding refill, minimizing chemical and mechanical input, monitoring disease and problem areas, and optimizing harvesting operations, which all results in significantly higher profitability.