Protect yourself on the job by wearing the German Bionic Apogee robotic exoskeleton.

This smart power suit helps create a safe workplace with a fully-connected AI-based design. Created for physical labor workers, it helps protect your body if you work a physically demanding job.

It makes work safer, less strenuous, and more attractive and boasts a lightweight and versatile design. moreover, this smart robotic exoskeleton for the workplace is a next-generation smart robotic wearable tool.

With a comfortable construction, it works for a wide array of applications. Furthermore, it has a dust- and water-resistant design, which maximizes workplace safety.

Additionally, it provides up to 66 pounds of support for the lower back per lifting movement! And it helps minimize fatigue thanks to active walking assistance. It’ll easily integrate into your workplace, assisting with heavy lifting and carrying in areas like logistics, construction, and health care.