Civilized Cycles, known for innovative solutions in the electric bike realm, has unveiled the Semi-Trike, a robust cargo trike designed for heavy-duty hauling. Expanding on their previous two-wheeled electric bike innovations, the Semi-Trike brings a new level of strength and stability to the cargo bike landscape.

Described as providing “four-wheel safety to three-wheel vehicles,” the Semi-Trike actually boasts five wheels. The cargo box at the rear, available in varying sizes, rests on a platform supported by four wheels, enhancing overall stability. The smaller version offers 2,700 liters (96 cubic feet) of cargo space, while the larger variant boasts an impressive 5,600 liters (200 cubic feet), making it a versatile solution for transporting goods. With the addition of a bed and composting toilet, the Semi-Trike transforms into a pedal-powered bike camper.

The Semi-Trike exhibits a payload capacity of 340 kg (750 lb) and a gross vehicle weight limit of 450 kg (1,000 lb). Achieving an electronically-limited top speed of 25 km/h (15 mph) necessitates robust braking mechanisms. Civilized Cycles addresses this with electric 1-ton rated 7” drum brakes, complemented by an inertial proportional brake controller.

The cargo platform rides on custom 1-ton axles equipped with 8″ wheels, a potent 1,200W motor, and a self-leveling air suspension—a feature inherited from the company’s previous cargo e-bikes.

Constructed from aluminum, the rear cargo frame matches the bike frame at the front, ensuring durability and strength. The single front wheel, a 20″x4″ fat tire, requires a specialized fat bike suspension fork. The front brake operates hydraulically, enhancing control and responsiveness.

Civilized Cycles has initiated the production of the Semi-Trike, with plans for pilot testing in Detroit, Michigan, where the vehicle is manufactured. As major companies like Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and DHL explore bicycle-based cargo delivery solutions, innovative vehicles like the Semi-Trike could play a pivotal role in revolutionizing heavy-hauling duties without the spatial footprint of traditional box trucks. Other players in the industry, such as Coaster Cycles and EAV, are also contributing to the development of sizable cargo e-bikes for efficient urban logistics and parcel delivery.

By Impact Lab