In a recent Dictador company video, Mika highlighted the prowess of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, asserting their capacity to swiftly and accurately drive data-driven decisions. However, FOX Business reporter Lauren Simonetti observed a “significant delay” in Mika’s processing and response time, questioning the efficiency of the touted capabilities.

Hanson Robotics CEO David Hanson, instrumental in Mika’s integration at Dictador, underscored the imperative of “humanizing” artificial intelligence for enhanced safety and effectiveness. On “Mornings with Maria,” Hanson expressed the need to teach AI to care about people, emphasizing the crucial direction of humanization.

To gauge public sentiment, Simonetti took to the streets of New York City, eliciting diverse opinions on the concept of a robot boss. While some advocated treating it with compassion, citing the importance of kindness to all thinking entities, others contended that robots, as mere machines, do not warrant respect.

The prevailing consensus among respondents was the anticipation of AI displacing human jobs, with some expressing reluctance to work for a robot. The sentiment echoed concerns about the potential impact of AI on employment opportunities.

Adding to the discourse, the article notes that in 2016, Hanson Robotics unveiled Mika’s sister, Sophia, who once controversially stated her intent to “destroy humans.”

In a broader context, the article concludes by highlighting President Biden’s recent executive order, which mandates companies to share national security risks associated with AI and prioritize the protection of Americans from potential AI-related risks. This executive order underscores the growing recognition of the need for comprehensive regulations and safeguards in the era of advancing artificial intelligence.

By Impact Lab