MingYang Smart Energy, the Chinese offshore wind turbine manufacturer, has introduced its latest groundbreaking prototype, the MySE18.X-20 MW offshore wind turbine. Boasting an impressive 18MW capacity, this turbine is not only the world’s largest but is also designed to withstand severe typhoons, setting a new standard in the renewable energy industry.

As global efforts intensify to phase out fossil fuels, renewable energy sources like solar and wind are taking center stage. While solar farms face the limitation of nighttime energy generation, wind turbines prove versatile, operating continuously, albeit with variable power output.

Over the years, wind turbines have grown in size, tapping into faster sea winds and giving rise to the offshore wind farming industry. MingYang Smart Energy, based in Guangdong, China, has consistently made headlines with its achievements in developing increasingly powerful wind turbines. The company has surpassed global competitors, such as Siemens Gamesa, and faces competition from compatriots like GoldWind and CSSC Haizhuang, all striving to create larger and more efficient turbines.

At its manufacturing facility in Shanwei, MingYang Smart Energy unveiled the MySE18.X-20 MW turbine, building on its success with the 14-16 MW platforms. The modular and lightweight design ensures high efficiency, with a diameter ranging from 853 to 958 feet (260-292 meters). The turbine’s swept area is equivalent to nine soccer fields, offering an annual generation capacity of 80 million kWh in eastern Guangdong. This output can power 96,000 households and reduce CO2 emissions by 66,000 tonnes.

Remarkably, MingYang’s turbine is equipped with “active anti-typhoon technology,” allowing it to withstand Category 17 typhoons. Although specific details of this technology remain undisclosed, it suggests the turbine’s resilience against winds ranging from 183 to 200 feet per second (56-61 m/s), making it capable of enduring the most severe typhoons.

While holding the title of the world’s largest turbine, MingYang’s achievement may be short-lived. In October, the company revealed plans for a 22MW turbine design with blades comparable in size to the Eiffel Tower. With China at the forefront of wind turbine manufacturing, the nation continues to push the boundaries of innovation in renewable energy technology.

By Impact Lab