Revolution Cooking, the startup renowned for its premium touchscreen toaster, is set to showcase its versatility with the debut of its latest innovation, the Macrowave, at CES next week. Going beyond its toaster expertise, the Macrowave introduces a smart oven equipped with Revolution’s patented InstaGLO infrared heating technology, known for its success in the toaster lineup, alongside microwave heating and convection/air frying capabilities. Packed with innovative oven features, the Macrowave emerges as a compelling addition to the countertop kitchen tech space.

The Macrowave operates by employing electromagnetic radiation from its built-in microwave to heat the inside of the food, while the InstaGLO infrared heating crisps and heats the outer layer. This combination promises a superior solution for microwaved frozen foods, such as pizza or frozen burritos, addressing issues like uneven heating and sogginess.

A video preview illustrates how the Macrowave achieves faster and more even cooking for various frozen foods, including pizza, proteins like chicken wings, and vegetables. While other products have merged air frying with microwave technology, the Macrowave stands out by incorporating infrared heating, providing a unique cooking approach. Notably, unlike previous attempts by other manufacturers, Revolution’s Macrowave includes smart cooking programs with precision heating detection and algorithms, enhancing the overall cooking experience.

What sets the Macrowave apart is its selection of smart cooking programs, allowing users to choose specific food items like pizza, fries, or hot pockets. These programs optimize the right combination of infrared, microwave, and convection air for each item. The oven also features Micro+Bake and Micro+Air Fry modes, enabling manual combination of cooking steps. With the inclusion of an internal temperature probe for precise heating, the Macrowave offers a distinctive set of capabilities not seen in the current market.

While pricing details for the Macrowave are yet to be disclosed, its first public appearance is scheduled for CES’s Unveiled event, taking place two days before the official show opening. Revolution Cooking’s Macrowave aims to redefine kitchen technology, promising an innovative and efficient approach to cooking that caters to diverse culinary needs. Stay tuned for updates on pricing as more information becomes available.

By Impact Lab