Sahmyook University recently showcased ongoing collaborative efforts with Samsung in the realm of wearable robotic exosuits. While specific details about the EX1 remain limited, the presentation highlighted some promising outcomes from the joint venture.

Expressing caution about consumer electronics companies venturing into robotics, the article underscores the tendency for such endeavors to be more about future positioning than tangible products. However, Samsung has been relatively reserved in discussing its robotics initiatives, with a focus on practicality rather than flashy displays.

The article reflects on Samsung’s 2019 CES showcase, where a trio of robots, including a wearable exoskeleton, was presented. The wearable exoskeleton, EX1, stood out due to its realistic nature and the presence of working units at the event. The article’s author personally tried on the exoskeleton, experiencing assistance while walking upstairs in Samsung’s booth.

The EX1, described as a hip-worn robotic age-tech device, falls within the growing category of wearable robotics designed to address age-related challenges. As people age, muscle mass tends to decline, affecting mobility and increasing the risk of falls. The EX1 aims to enhance balance and movement in older adults.

Research lead Professor Wan-hee Lee emphasizes the device’s dual purpose of assistive wear and guided exercises. The EX1 is designed to enable older adults to perform simple exercises such as walking and fitness, thereby improving their quality of life. According to the study, subjects who wore the EX1 for 50 minutes a day, three times a week for a month showed significant improvements, with a more than 12% increase in stride length and a 21% rise in propulsion.

The article concludes by noting that the Samsung EX1’s market availability remains uncertain, but it anticipates a rise in the prevalence of assistive wearable robotics over the next decade. The collaborative efforts between Samsung and Sahmyook University highlight a promising step forward in the development of wearable technologies aimed at enhancing the lives of older individuals.

By Impact Lab