The Impact Lab is a laboratory of the future human experience.

The site was launched in 2001 as one of the Internet’s earliest weblogs. It began as a notebook filled with fascinating information about how the world is changing around us.

Every morning our team wakes up and asks the simple quest, “Okay, how has the world changed today?” For each of us, we will be spending the rest of our lives in the future. The future will be neither as cheery as the Utopians wish it to be, or as gloomy as the news media like to portray it. It will be something in between, but it is our choice.

Articles, images, and videos on the site represent a mash-up of informational tidbits from around the world, collected on a daily basis. But we also strive to maintain a twinge of craziness.

In 2004, the Impact Lab was rated by Popular Science Magazine as one of the Top Five Science Blogs in the Known Universe.

The Impact Lab is loosely associated with the DaVinci Institute, the world-famous Colorado-based futurist think tank, but remains a separate organization.

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