Freeway Air Pollution May Cause Brain Damage

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Brains are affected by air pollution.

The air pollution that results from the millions of cars and trucks that crowd our highways is ugly stuff — there’s no doubt that the particulate matter it’s laced with causes respiratory illness, heart disease, cancer, and other devastating health effects. As bad as that is, we still might not be properly grasping the extent of the danger air pollution presents — researchers at USC have now linked freeway air pollution to increased brain damage in mice. And they’re concerned humans might suffer similarly.

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Insight Into Development of Alzheimer’s Disease



According to estimates there are 85,000 Alzheimer patients in our country and approximately 20,000 new cases every year. This spectacular increase is due to the increasing ageing population. Unfortunately it is still unclear precisely which ageing process forms the basis of this spectacular rise in the occurrence of the disease. VIB scientists affiliated to K.U.Leuven have discovered an important molecular link between Alzheimer’s disease and the development of the typical plaques in the brains of Alzheimer patients. This discovery is an important breakthrough in the fundamental research into the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.


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