Bitcoin is going to use as much electricity as Austria by the year’s end


At this point, mining Bitcoin requires such intensive, specific hardware that the only way for most people to get in on the crypto game is to simply purchase the coin via an exchange. But that doesn’t mean mining has slowed down. Rather, the opposite has been happening, giving environmentalists (and anyone but the most adamant cryptobros) cause for concern.

Between cooling fans, manufacturing hardware, and the outrageous, ever-rising energy costs needed to operate a bitcoin mining rig, the world’s Bitcoin network is expected to use as much as 7.67 gigawatts of power by the end of 2018, according to new research and models. That’s one two-hundredth of all the electricity used on the planet. And that’s terrible.

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Swimmers In Austria Told To Stop Swallowing Water



Even Animated Figures Enjoy A Dip In The Pool
A budget-conscious council in Austria has requested that swimmers stop swallowing water in a bid to save money. According to a survey carried out by managers at Vienna’s 18 public swimming pools bathers are drinking 5,000 litres of chlorinated pool water a day!

8 of the Weirdest Hotels on Earth



Das Park Hotel – Linz, Austria

 When we travel, we often want to stay in the best hotels money can buy, but really, what is the fun in that? Isn’t it more of an adventure to stay in a unique place that adds more charm than stars? Sure you can stay in a five-star hotel, but have you ever slept in a wine barrel, a jail, or magic mountain? Here are just some of the weird hotels found all across the globe.

The Das Park Hotel (pictured above) gives you a unique experience for sure. You wouldn’t sleep in a sewer, but would sleep in a pipe that was once in the sewer? If you would, then this unique Linz, Austria hotel offers you the chance to sleep in re-designed and standardized sewer pipes. With a double bed, it is a cozy stay within a pipe. The hotel complex nearby offers you food, toilets and more. Open between May and October, this is truly a unique place to stay, as long as you are not too claustrophobic…

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