’Venus Flytrap’ spheres catch and destroy BPA


Scientists have created micron-sized spheres built to catch and destroy bisphenol A (BPA), a synthetic chemical used to make plastics.

BPA is commonly used to coat the insides of food cans, bottle tops, and water supply lines, and was once a component of baby bottles. While BPA that seeps into food and drink is considered safe in low doses, scientists suspect prolonged exposure affects the health of children and contributes to high blood pressure.

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Link between BPA and heart disease seen in urine, new study reports


BPA is in found in food can linings.

While more and more research is linking BPA to a number of health problems including cancer, reproductive problems, behavioral problems in children, liver problems, and diabetes, heart disease has been less well known.

While one study at the University of Exeter showed a correlation between BPA and heart disease, it didn’t show a cause and effect relationship, and therefore, it couldn’t predict future heart health…

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