Community colleges could see a surge in popularity amid Covid-19


Historically, community college enrollment spikes during economic downturns.

This year, a public health crisis may draw even more students who don’t want to travel or live in a dorm.

The coronavirus crisis has already changed the way this year’s crop of high school seniors are thinking about higher education.

And community colleges across the country are preparing accordingly.

“Under the circumstances, families may turn to us as the gateway of opportunity, and we’ve been ready,” said Michael Baston, the president of Rockland Community College in Rockland County, New York.

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Community colleges go open source to seek fix for remediation

Bossier Parish Community College in Louisiana.

One of the thorniest problems facing higher education is remedial education.  Some community colleges have found a way to dial-up free online courses to help tackle the problem.  The two-year colleges aren’t offering massive open online courses as substitutes for their offerings, however, or for the instructors who teach them.



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Pathways to Prosperity – Is College the Only Option for Career Success?

Pathways to Prosperity

Students need more options to career success.

Despite decades of efforts to reform education, and billions of dollars of expenditures, the harsh reality is that America is still failing to prepare millions of its young people to lead successful lives as adults. Evidence of this failure is everywhere: in the dropout epidemic that plagues our high schools and colleges; in the harsh fact that just 30 percent of our young adults earn a bachelor’s degree by age 27; and in teen and young adult employment rates not seen since the Great Depression.


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Community College Classes Full Across U.S. as Workers Seek New Job Skills

community college

Classes are open, relatively cheap and often tailored to picking up job skills at community colleges.

The gambling economy here has crapped out, but at the swelling community college, workers are in the grip of new aspirations.

In one small anatomy lab, there’s a craps dealer training to become an anesthetist, a cocktail waitress who wants to be a dental hygienist, and a former stripper seeking to become a nurse.


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Community College Offers Money-Back Guarantee

100percent money back


What’s the point of going to college if you can’t find a good job after all that education? So, to put its money where its mouth is, the Lansing Community College in Michigan is offering a money-back guarantee to its students:

Beginning in May, people who take six-week courses in certain subjects will be guaranteed a job within a year — or else they’ll be refunded their tuition money.

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