This map shows Americans’ average credit score in every state


An aerial view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline and Loring Park.

Minnesota residents can brag about more than their 10,000 lakes — they typically have the country’s best credit scores too. As in previous years, the midwestern state has America’s highest average credit score, according to Experian.

Those living in Minnesota have an average score of 713, which falls into the “good” range of scores between 670 to 739, according to Experian. The company’s annual State of Credit report and state ranking is based on Vantage Scores, which range from 300 to 850. South Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts round out the top five states with the highest average credit scores for 2018.

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RevolutionCredit wants to change the way credit scores are calculated


RevolutionCredit is using online finance crash courses to help lenders better determine a person’s creditworthiness.

Could a better credit score may soon be just be a few mouse clicks away? The current system of determining a person’s creditworthiness is “inadequate and insufficient” and is costing both consumers and creditors, said Zaydoon Munir, founder and CEO of RevolutionCredit.



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Going beyond credit scores, predicting personal behavior

ranking responsibility

What is your Medication Adherence Score?  Fair Isaac Co. thinks it knows what it is.  They are the company that created the FICO credit score and they are branching out into new territory.  Fair Isaac Co. is assembling disparate data in an effort to better understand a range of human behaviors.


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