Scientists plan to clone Brazil’s endangered species

Black Lion Tamarin, the most endangered of the eight species in Brazil

Scientists in Brazil want to expand a mass effort to clone the populations of eight endangered species.  The Basilia Zoological Garden, along with Embrapa, the government’s agricultural research agency are spearheading the project.




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Android app locates endangered species wherever you are


Once they are gone, they are gone.

This is one of those cool-yet-terribly-sad-it-exists apps. The Center for Biological Diversity has created an app for Android users that will tell you exactly which endangered species are living in the area you’re standing in. On the one hand, it’s amazing to know at any point in time which species are living in the area you’re walking though, and especially interesting to know which endangered species are struggling to survive. It could be a way to stay aware of local ecology and how you can help with conservation efforts. However, it’s of course a bummer that there’s an app that will tell you all the species that are thiiiiis close to being found only in history books.

The free “Species Finder” Android app has over 1,000 plants and animals from the endangered species list in its database. Using your smartphone’s GPS, the app generates a list of all the threatened and endangered species living in whichever county you’re currently located in.

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