For sale, one space tracking station worthy of an evil genius


Can you see what I see? Can you hear what I hear?

If you have plans to take over the world, you’re going to need a secret lair from which you can run your evil plots. But why waste time and money hollowing out a volcano when there’s already the perfect place for sale in the real estate listings?

The Jamesburg Earth Station was built by NASA in 1968 for receiving transmissions from the Apollo moon landings, then it was used by AT&T for satellite telecommunications. It even played a key role relaying pictures of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Now it can be yours for just under $3 million…

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For Sale: Supersonic Car


The Spirit of America Sonic Arrow

For a mere $3 million, you can have your very own supersonic car. It’s called The Spirit of America Sonic Arrow. This 1996 custom vehicle was built to reach up to 900 MPH and comes with spare parts, design schematics, tractor trailer rig, and more. Basically, the project is shutting down and the owners want to liquidate the entire operation.

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Mini-Moscow on Sale for Just $3 Million

It took 300 people to construct a 400 square foot model of the USSR’s capital city back in 1977. Today you can buy that super-detailed, scaled-down version of Moscow for a mere $3 million.

Stunning, isn’t it? Apparently every single of the itty-bitty windows in the model can be lit up and there are effects to simulate day and night time.

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Your Medical Treatment History May Be For Sale

 Your Medical Treatment History May Be For Sale

Many people are getting very nervous about this breach of privacy

The Washington Post reports on the booming business of selling your medical treatment records. Today these are mainly records of your prescriptions, but the data warehouses will soon have records of your lab tests, too. The companies selling these records make it easy for insurance companies to avoid risk by assigning each person a health score, similar to a credit score, or by flagging items in each person’s history that suggest chronic or potentially expensive health problems. It’s not just for insurers, either; employers who check applicants’ credit scores will surely be interested in their health scores as well.

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Germany: What to Do with Hitler’s Submarine Bunker?

Germany: What to Do with Hitler’s Submarine Bunker?

4,000 people died in the construction of Hitler’s Submarine Bunker

The submarine bunker is gigantic — and expensive. A World War II-era military facility is slowly succumbing to the elements, and nobody seems willing to pay for its upkeep. In fact, the German armed forces has offered it for sale.

The bunker Valentin was built by the Nazis as a bomb-proof submarine factory. It never went into use, but 4,000 slave laborers, concentration camp inmates and prisoners of war died in its construction. More photos after the jump.

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