Can you see what I see? Can you hear what I hear?

If you have plans to take over the world, you’re going to need a secret lair from which you can run your evil plots. But why waste time and money hollowing out a volcano when there’s already the perfect place for sale in the real estate listings?

The Jamesburg Earth Station was built by NASA in 1968 for receiving transmissions from the Apollo moon landings, then it was used by AT&T for satellite telecommunications. It even played a key role relaying pictures of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Now it can be yours for just under $3 million…

The fully steerable dish is about 11 stories high and 98 feet across, which should enable you to suck in just about any TV station on Earth. Your purchase includes more than just the dish, as you also get the 20,000 square foot operations building with an indoor basketball court, a helicopter landing pad, a three bedroom house, a barn, and 160 acres of land.

The whole thing sits in central California about 20 miles southeast of Monterey, and wannabe Dr Evils and Blofelds will be pleased to learn that the main building was constructed to withstand a 5 Megaton nuclear blast.

A group of space geeks owned it for a while to do a few experiments, but now it’s ready to form the center of your evil empire.

KSBW, via Born Rich