Dieting forces brain to eat itself: study


A cross-section of the human brain

A lack of nutrition when dieters are trying to lose weight forces their brain cells to eat themselves, making the feeling of hunger even stronger, scientists claim.  Brain cells begin to eat themselves like other parts of the body do as a last-ditch source of energy to ward off starvation, a study found.

Losing Sleep May Cause Gains in Snack Hunger

snack food 1234

MMMMMmmmmmmmm snacks!

You may have felt it in your stomach after a long night’s work (or play), but now you can keep it in mind. Getting a scant night’s sleep can trick you into hunger, specifically for snacks and carbohydrates.

It’s an idea that’s been circulating for some time in health circles that people getting less than seven hours of sleep each night are significantly more likely to be overweight or obese. Two recent studies back up this finding, though, with specifics on different amounts of sleep, and the resulting mini-binge the next day. In one study, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition measured how much food a group of men ate after first an eight-hour night, then just four.

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Fire Up Your Hunger Hormone


If eating fatty foods was bad enough heres some more reasons to skip those fries

New research led by the University of Cincinnati (UC) suggests that the hunger hormone ghrelin is activated by fats from the foods we eat-not those made in the body-in order to optimize nutrient metabolism and promote the storage of body fat.

The findings, the study’s author says, turn the current model about ghrelin on its head and point to a novel stomach enzyme (GOAT) responsible for the ghrelin activation process that could be targeted in future treatments for metabolic diseases. Continue reading… “Fire Up Your Hunger Hormone”

Foods Could Be Modified To Make You Feel Full Longer

Foods Could Be Modified To Make You Feel Full Longer

Almost all processed food, from bread to pastries to salad dressings, use emulsifiers and stabilisers to stop fat and water from separating  

Millions of dieters have been offered hope after scientists discovered a way to modify everyday foods such as cakes and pastries to make diners feel full for twice as long.
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FingerFood Solves The Cocktail Party Problem

FingerFood Solves The Cocktail Party Problem

FingerFood By designer Ken Goldman 

Take one look at this idea and you know it’s a good one. You’ve been there: you’re at a cocktail party, hungry enough to eat a horse, but you don’t have enough hands to hold your drink, a heaping plate of tasty vittles and a fork, and still be able to shake hands with everyone as you work the room.

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