‘Hormonal’ Women Have Prettier Faces


Typical female face with high (left) and low (right) oestrogen levels

Women with high levels of the sex hormone oestrogen have prettier faces, research suggests.  The findings make evolutionary sense – men are attracted to the most fertile women, the University of St Andrews team told a Royal Society journal. (pics)


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Pesticide Turns Male Frogs into Females

The pesticide atrazine can turn male frogs into females that are able to mate and successfully reproduce.
Here, two male frogs mating. The larger animal on the bottom has been completely feminized by
atrazine exposure and can produce viable eggs.

A commonly used pesticide known as atrazine can turn male frogs into females that are successfully able to reproduce, a new study finds.

While previous work has shown atrazine can cause sexual abnormalities in frogs, such as hermaphroditism (having both male and female sex organs), this study is the first to find that atrazine’s effects are long-lasting and can influence reproduction in amphibians.

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Shaving A Fly’s Penis With A Laser

Just a little off the sides please…
Male flies have penises covered with spines and hooks. To figure out what the purpose of those spines are, researchers Michal Polak and Arash Rashed removed the spines to see what would happen.

Their spines are too small to cut off by hand. So the duo used a laser instead, wielding the light with such surgical precision that they could cut off a third of each millimetre-long spine, or the entire structure….

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New Online Dating Service for Zoo Animals

New Online Dating Service for Zoo Animals

Mating rituals are easy, but describing them online is tough

A new software is making it way onto the web to help improve the sex lives of zoo animals. It’s promising easier and more accessible data, faster matches and — in a page out of the most particular of human dating sites — details on an animal’s personality to ease what can be a testy process. Luckily, zoos won’t be required to document all the turn-ons and turn-offs of each animal. (Pics)

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The Sex Life of Slugs Hots Up the Internet


Rare footage of two slugs mating from a nature documentary

No, we’re not talking about software bugs (though those viruses can indeed still rear their heads), but good old insects. There are, naturally, numerous scientifically minded sites like bugbios.com throughout the Web, but insects are also finding staring roles in the online entertainment world.

As is true with so much on the Internet, sex is what’s generating interest.

More than three million people have watched a YouTube video documenting the mating rituals of leopard slugs whereby two entwined slugs suspend themselves from a branch and fertilise each other in mid-air.
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The Love Life of an Octopus

The Love Life of an Octopus

Arrow 1 points to the spermatophore groove of the
inserted hectocotylus. Arrow 2 points an oviducal gland

They flirt, hold hands and guard their lovers jealously — yet they don’t even have bones. The love lives of octopuses are far more complex than anyone thought, a team at the University of California, Berkeley, reported.

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