Utah Mother Pregnant With Two Babies Who Aren’t Twins



Video Courtesy of KSL.com


A Utah woman is pregnant with two babies. It wouldn’t be that unusual, except that these babies aren’t twins. Hard to believe? It was for the mother.

Angie Cromar’s first ultrasound revealed something shocking to her and her doctor.

“Angie and I both had the look of surprise,” said Dr. Steve Terry, with Cottonwood OB/GYN in Murray.

What they saw were two separate babies at slightly different stages of development!

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Man Saves 2 Million Babies Donating Rare Type Of Blood

James Harrison

Thank you Mr. baby saver!

An Australian man who has been donating his extremely rare kind of blood for 56 years has saved the lives of more than two million babies.

James Harrison, 74, has an antibody in his plasma that stops babies dying from Rhesus disease, a form of severe anaemia.

He has enabled countless mothers to give birth to healthy babies, including his own daughter, Tracey, who had a healthy son thanks to her father’s blood.

Mr Harrison has been giving blood every few weeks since he was 18 years old and has now racked up a total of 984 donations.

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Top Ten Rarest Diseases


While we’ve all heard of diseases, seen someone with a disease, and had a disease personally, it’s unlikely that we’ve encountered a rare disease. In the non-medical world, people use and interchange disease to mean infection, sickness, illness, or something similar. In the medical world, a disease is an abnormal condition that impairs bodily functions and is often associated with certain signs and symptoms.


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Top 10 Japanese Imports That Could Be Big-Buck Collectibles In The Future


1990 Mazda Miata

While the rare-car world focuses on rare Bugattis and 1960s muscle cars, lots of car enthusiasts might  unknowingly have potential top-dollar classics gathering value in their garages, overlooked by today’s collectors. They are the Japanese import models of yesteryear. (Pics)


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Rare White Bengal Tiger Born Without Stripes


Fareeda and her siblings were born on Christmas Day last year, and you can see Fareeda’s rare lack of markings

A snow white Bengal tiger has become the first of its kind to exist in the wild today after being born without stripes.  The six-month-old cub is so rare it is thought there are fewer than 20 tigers like her alive in the world – all in captivity.


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Rare White Lions Return To The Wild

White Lions Return To The Wild

These lions became only the second pride to take their first steps to freedom in the greater Timbavati region of South Africa. 

Immediately establishing their territory the five-strong pride delighted conservationists of the Global White Lion Protection Trust who have worked tirelessly to re-establish the rare white lion in a long term scientific reintroduction program over the past seven years.

“It was an incredibly exciting day and we have been jumping up and down in celebration,” said Linda Tucker, CEO and founder of the WLT.

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Rare Red Kite Chicks Hatch in Scotland


Rare baby birds.

Red kite chicks have hatched in the wild in Aberdeenshire for the first time in almost 150 years.

The chicks are being raised by birds released two years ago as part of a project to reintroduce the birds to the skies over the county. At least three have hatched.

Red kites were once common all over the British Isles, but were persecuted almost to the point of extinction in the 19th century.

In the UK, the population had almost died out until birds began being reintroduced from overseas via breeding programmes in the 1990s.

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Top 10 Videos of the Week


1.) Mythbuster’s Pancaked Car

In this amazing video, the Mythbusters pancake a car using a rocket sled. A must see. Finding a great video is like having a good friend give you a warm hug. Your mind goes crazy with anticipation. Consider this weeks list some of the ten best hugs you’ll ever receive. (Videos)


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