NASA reveals spacesuit of the future

space suit 1

Z-series spacesuit

Style in spacesuits tends to advance at a slow pace. The spacesuit that is being currently worn by astronauts has been in use since 1982. But NASA has designed the Z-series suit that is designed for walking on Mars, not just floating around in space as astronauts have in the past. And NASA wants you to help pick the final look. (pics)



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NASA Makes Longer, Straighter Piezoelectric Nanowires in Microgravity


Microgravity provides nano solutions.

Piezoelectric nanowires are the stuff that make power-generating pants a possibility, and that prodigious potential has drawn the attention of NASA. You see, self-powered spacesuits are awfully attractive to our nation’s space agency, and a few of its finest student researchers have discovered that the current-creating strands of zinc oxide can be made longer and straighter — and therefore more powerful — when freed from gravity’s unrelenting pull. That means nanowires grown in microgravity could lead to higher capacity batteries and the aforementioned juice-generating interstellar garb…

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