Verizon iPhone: Everything You Need To Know


Hey Verizon! Can you hear me now?

Ah, the Verizon iPhone. In our bizarre careers as tech journalists, if there’s one question we’ve heard more than “When is Verizon getting the iPhone?” we can’t think of it. Also, outside the original rumors for the iPhone and iPad, we can’t think of another product so heavily teased by those in the know and those not in the know — though mostly by those not in the know.

But then we heard Verizon is having a little get together on Tuesday, which is particularly odd timing because Verizon has a huge presence and a large amount of announcements at this year’s CES. Rumors of the event being a Verizon iPhone announce immediately flared up, but there were still reservations: Apple usually announces its own products at its own corporate campus — why would Verizon be doing the honors in NY?

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