Spending on pets in the U.S. increases during recession

pampered pet

Americans will spend more than $50 billion on their animals this year.

Mary Louise Mills has a says her three dogs are spoiled rotten 9-year-old shih tzu named Annie Lulu after Mills’ grandmother, and two Pekingese — 7-year-old Miss Daisy May and 4-year-old Elmer, whom she sometimes calls Fudd.  And she says her all three of her dogs are spoiled rotten.


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FDA Approves First Canine Cancer Drug

FDA Approves First Canine Cancer Drug

FDA approves first drug for canine cancer

The Food and Drug Administration approved today the nation’s first drug developed specifically for the treatment of canine cancer.

Manufactured by Pfizer Animal Health Inc., based in New York City, the drug marketed as Palladia, or chemically known as toceranib phosphate, will hit the markets in early 2010.

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Sarah’s Smash Shack – Relieve Stress By Breaking Things

Sarah’s Smash Shack - Relieve Stress By Breaking Things 

 Sarah’s Smash Shack

If you are human, you have probably at some point been so frustrated you felt the need to break something to relieve the tension. Sarah’s Smash Shack , in San Diego, California, provides a service to consumers that allows them to salvage their personal possessions, and break someone else’s.

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‘Project Wanted Horse’

‘Project Wanted Horse’ 

This year, as a humanitarian effort, the National Black Farmers Association (NBFA) and the Aminal Welfare Institute (AWI) launched ‘Project Wanted Horse,” assuring that any horse rescued from slaughter or an abuse situation would be placed on one of 94,000 NBFA farms across the country. Del Camino Equestrian Enterprises Inc., which takes a very special interest in “senior” horses has honored the NFBA its 2008 Best Humane Business Innovation Award for its commitment to senior horses.

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