Alien baby1111

A face not even a mother could love?

A mother delivered an abnormal baby yesterday at Dr Hiren Thumer’s hospital in Gondal in Gujarat. Sonal Waghela who delivered the baby fell unconscious when she saw its face for the first time. She is not willing to look at its face, as it is deformed and looks like a baby from a different planet…

Except for Mukesh Waghela, Sonal’s husband, no other relatives were allowed to see the child. The baby is abnormal and its face is larger than its body. Just his head weighs 2.15 kg

The baby is being spoon-fed another woman’s milk, as Sonal is not willing to allow him close to her. The condition afflicting the baby occurs when water accumulates inside the brain.

Dr Thumer said, “The head swells like a balloon because of water accumulation inside the brain and hence the baby looks abnormal. Generally, these types of births occur in one in a hundred thousand deliveries. Such babies can be saved if brain surgery is conducted, else it dies within four to six months.” However, at present, the baby’s condition is normal.