Austin, Texas

Austin, Tex., drew the largest numbers of young Americans from 2007 through 2009, according to an analysis by a senior demographer at the Brookings Institution, replacing Riverside, Calif., which was the most popular destination for young people in the middle of the decade.


Migration slowed greatly during the recession, and rates have continued to remain low. But in an analysis of migration still occurring among some of the country’s most mobile citizens — people ages 25 to 34 — the cities at the top of the list were those that had remained economically vibrant, like Dallas, and those that were considered hip destinations, like Austin and Seattle, the demographer, William H. Frey, found.

In the middle of the decade, before the recession, the top five destinations were Riverside, Phoenix, Atlanta, Houston and Charlotte, N.C., according to the analysis, which was based on Census Bureau data. Austin ranked ninth in that period, and Las Vegas was No. 10.

Cities like Las Vegas and Riverside became popular destinations in the last decade, when overheated housing markets were churning growth and jobs. But since the recession began, they have fallen in the list of choices.

From 2007 through 2009, the most recent data available, Dallas, Denver and Seattle moved into the top five. Riverside fell to 10th place, and Las Vegas to 24th.

Houston remained the fourth-most-popular city for migrants.

Via New York Times