Hot Wheels have been a popular toy for years, especially with boys. Whether it’s collecting miniature versions of your dream cars, watching them speed along custom tracks, making them crash dramatically, or a blend of all three, there’s always something fun about them. Like most toy brands that have been around for a while, Mattel’s Hot Wheels were due for some revamping, a way to keep up with the times and revitalize a brand so it can compete with newcomers…


No doubt, further appeal is based on another concept that has been around for years. Since the days of ordering toys from dubious ads in comic books, spy cameras have held much appeal with young boys. Since technology has progressed quite a bit since those days, boys can now have their own spy video camera implanted in their favorite toy car. Mattel’s Video Racer is scheduled to appear in the fall with a price of $60 per car, which presumably includes the USB cable and software. Watch the video above for more information and a test run. Or for more toy car fun, check out these Awesome Remote Control Vehicles and the RC Amphibian Tank.

Via: DVice