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And to think the TSA is ‘protecting’ us.

Two TSA screeners from New York’s Kennedy airport were busted for stealing over $200,000 in cash from fliers. They targetted people they thought were drug dealers, since they didn’t think their victims would complain…

Coumar X-rayed luggage destined for an American Airlines flight to Argentina on Jan. 30. Then he phoned Webb, who was assigned to the baggage belt area. Webb confirmed there was cash inside, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Brown said Coumar found $170,000 wrapped in tape. He took $40,000 and met Webb in a bathroom, where the employees hid the loot in their clothing, Brown said.

A TSA agent tipped off a supervisor, triggering an investigation by Port Authority cops.

The TSA says that this is an isolated incident, despite the fact that it’s happened before.

Two TSA agents arrested at JFK Airport for stealing $39K from passenger’s bag (via Digg)

(Image: Bottle: entry in Bruce Schneier’s TSA logo competition, a Creative CommonsAttribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from bazzargh’s photostream)