It can be tough to sift through thousands of free apps to find those with the highest quality. With their recent release of AppFreeway, Kankado makes it easy for you to find the best free apps, faster.
Each day AppFreeway collects the top five apps in the Apple Store universe and delivers them to you free of charge. The app effort is a collaboration between the AppsMarketing.mobi network and Kankado.com.

Making deals with top developers, Kankado.com and AppsMarketing.mobi recently released AppFreeway to help out in the app distribution process. If you have an app that you think should be on the list, AppFreeway allows you to add to their wish list. After the item has been placed on the wish list, the good folks behind AppFreeway will do all in their power to make it happen.

It may seem unlikely that an app can bring you the best apps around with no charge, but Kankado stands by their product, giving you access to free apps everyday. By simply clicking on one of the featured apps, you get a description of the product as well as a video that you can watch to help you make your decision. If you like what you see, you can grab it for free.

One key feature of this app is its focus on helping developers get their product out on the market. Any developer promoting their app through AppFreeway will get the help of AppsMarketing.mobi in leveraging their product. Along with the promotion, Kankado sends statistics to developers to help track the success of their products.

There will always be other applications to help you find free apps, but AppFreeway is the most straightforward application out there. Instead of searching through hundreds of free apps on other applications claiming to be the best, AppFreeway’s sleek five app design really will bring you the best apps faster, and at no charge.

This application is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads running iOS 4.0 or later. To get started finding the best apps in the Apple Store, download AppFreeway today.

Via: AppFreeway and Kankado