Four-year-old Aelita Andre welcomed art lovers to the opening of her first solo art exhibit called The Prodigy of Color at the Agora Gallery in Manhattan on Saturday.


Her art exhibition is far from child’s play, with Agora Gallery having already sold four of Aelita’s paintings, which go for up to $9800 each, before the show opened to the public and another five on the day.

Her vibrant, colourful, abstract works are painted onto huge canvases often with children’s toys and other small objects stuck to them.

Attempting to explain one of her paintings titled The Dog & the Alien, Aelita said: “That is the river. That is the boat with the oar and the rainbow.

“That’s the baby bird coming to his own mummy,” she said.

Aelita was over for the opening in New York from her home in Melbourne, along with her parents Michael Andre and Nikka Kalashnikova.

Both artists in their own right, they say she has been painting since she was 20 months old.

“There’s no education, no understanding of art history or art movements, no intimidation, thinking ‘I’m in the shadow of Picasso or Pollock or something.’

“She is completely and utterly innocent, just with an innocent eye almost coming to a canvas,” said her father Michael.

Aelita’s mother, Nikka, says she is reluctant to guide her daughter.

“I’m really scared to influence her in anyway. I’m really scared that when she grows up she will develop something like ‘Oh, I can’t use this colour with that colour because it doesn’t go.'”

Via Telegraph