Frey to Deliver Closing Keynote at “WorldFuture 2011” in Vancouver, BC

On Sunday, July 10, 2011, futurist Thomas Frey will outline a series of eight massively difficult competitions as part of his closing keynote to an audience of over 1,000 people attending the World Future Society’s “WorldFuture 2011” event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Two competitions that have already been made public are the “Race to the Core,” a competition for the first scientific probe to make it to the center of the earth, and “Viewing the Past” a technology to replay unrecorded events from the past using a holographic-style projection system. The final six will be unveiled at WorldFuture 2011.

Unlike other competitions, only countries will be allowed to compete. So, businesses, colleges, or any other kind of organizations are not eligible. Each country may submit up to two teams, similar to an Olympic-style competition.

“Some competitions may not be completed in our lifetime,” says Frey. “They are designed to stretch human thinking and push the envelope of understanding. More than just a series of competition, we view them as a turning point in world history. Our hope, at this stage, is that we will stir the imagination of people around the world and incite a global conversation,” Frey concludes.

At stake in the Eight Greatest Competitions will be a combination of national pride, personal legacies, and laying claim to unprecedented achievements in science and industry.

WorldFuture 2011 takes place July 8-10, 2011, at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Additional information about can be found at

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