lunch hour

A third of workers now take lunch breaks in mornings or late afternoons.

The mainstay of the working day used to be the lunch hour.  But The lunch hour is being gobbled up according to two new reports.


One study estimates that millions of workers are taking lunch at odd hours to fit in with their increasingly hectic lifestyles.

Another report claims that two thirds (64%) of professionals now use their midday break to carry out errands, shop, groom themselves or organise their finances rather than eat.

Manaaz Ahktar, Head of Marketing for sandwich chain Subway, who carried out the first of the reports, said: ”These results reflect ever increasing work pressures.

”Inflexible deadlines mean our personal needs sometimes come a poor second.”

The poll of 2,067 people found that more than a third of workers (35%) now have their lunch in the morning or late afternoon rather than midday.

It estimates that 2.9 million workers start lunch before 11.00am and almost 10 million are forced to eat after 3pm.

More than half (55%) of the thousand people surveyed across the UK by Emmi Caffe Latte pop up shop for the second report said that their lunch break was too short.

Via Telegraph