The red indicates weather stations where U.S. Daily Highest Min Temperature Records were set on July 21, 2011

The 21st of July, it was hotter than hell across much of the Eastern US. Nights, which tend to have the daily minimum, were especially unpleasant. Out of 5,569 daily minimums recorded on the 21st, 188 broke previous records and another 138 tied them (exceeding or equaling, respectively, the previous record for daily minimum temperature)…

Valley Fever.
It’s been especially dry and dusty in Arizona this year and with the dust comes disease. Ahwatukee.com reports that in Arizona, “July marks the beginning of the high risk season for valley fever, a prevalent fungal infection in Arizona that can be hard to diagnose and treat, and the recent dust storm may have exposed many residents to its spores.”

Pair of giant haboobs.
As noted in Jimmy’s Journal, “Phoenix is the only city in the southwest that has had to face a large pair of haboobs. Yes, it’s true. Giant haboobs are taking the Phoenix Area by storm and scientist are unsure how to warn residents of the severity of the storm.”


Image credit: NOAA