There’s a new exercise craze in the Texas capital. It’s called SUP ATX Yoga. Every day a group meets down on the shores of Lady Bird Lake in Austin just behind the Hyatt Hotel to grab a paddle board.

“The paddle boards have been blowing up everywhere really,” said Blake Hall, yoga instructor. But instead of just paddling down the river this group has decided to change it up a bit by doing yoga on the paddle board.

“The board looks like a yoga mat and it adds an extra challenge to the practice,” said Stephany Heeren, yoga instructor. Doing yoga on the water works your core in a different way as you try and keep your balance with challenging moves like the side plank or even a head stand.

And you don’t have to be a yogi to do the class or have even paddled on a board before. “It’s a nice reminder of where yoga comes from and make that connection,” said Crystal Glenn, SUP ATX Yoga participant.

via Arbroath