Swing-Along 1

Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

The Swing-Along is a new twist on an old favorite, an attachment for the swing that will support the upper body. (Pics)


The Swing-Along was born when Dale Glaze sat in a swing holding her sleeping grandchild.  She wanted a better way to hold a sleeping child while swinging that would be more comfortable and easier on the arms and back.

Swing-Along 2

Dale came up with the concept that became the Swing-Along.

  • Quick and Easy Attachment – spring clips take seconds to attach
  • Adjustable – just clip higher or lower on swing chain
  • Comfortable and Soft – cushion-y fleece
  • Cotton-type covering – cool, removable and machine washable
  • Strong – metal O-ring and spring clip on each end

Swing-Along 3

Swing-Along 4

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