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North Dakota has plenty of jobs…but ya gotta live there too.

Psst! Wanna job? There’s a place in the United States that actually can’t get enough people to hire.

The catch? You have to live in North Dakota … kidding! Actually its a bit worse: you have to live in camps in North Dakota 😉

Perhaps the state didn’t get the memo that we’re in the middle of the Great Recession, or that the country is neck-deep in unemployment, but thanks to its oil fields, North Dakota is flush with cash and booming with jobs.

School-bus driver Barb Russell heard good money could be made in the oil fields of North Dakota, so she packed a bag, locked her Farmington, Minn., home and headed west last month. She tripled her income.

She rose every morning at 3 o’clock in September to bus Halliburton workers to drilling rigs in a place where trucks roar nonstop and everybody who wants a job has one.

Finding somewhere to lay your head is another matter. Russell, 60, lives in one of many dormitory-style “man camps” that help house an influx of an estimated 35,000 workers.

“I wish ’em the best on getting housing for everybody, especially with winter coming,” said Russell, who in her pink cap stands out among the men. “I’d hate to see people sleeping in their cars.”

There’s no other place like it in America.