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Bang! Caffeinated Brownies bang out the buzz.

Coffee’s not the only way to get a caffeine boost. Besides energy drinks, there’s a growing number of foodstuffs designed to perk you up, from caffeinated Stay Puft marshmallows, to these cleverly named ‘Snack in the Face’ baked goods that prove a good pun is hard to ignore…

Both the brownie and chocolate chip cookie each pack 200mg of caffeine, enough to wake a horse, or maybe get your focus back on that spreadsheet in the middle of the afternoon. Your personal experience may vary. Both snacks are also most definitely not fat free, packing 243 to 257 calories per serving. Not great if you’re on a diet, and probably just as bad if you’re running a marathon in an hour. ThinkGeek’s got them for $4 per, or $6 if you want to get one of each and spend your day bouncing off the walls.

[ThinkGeek via GeekAlerts]