Facebook profile using Timeline.

Facebook’s Timeline feature will become permanent for all users.  Everyone will be updated to Timeline automaically within a few weeks. Once your profile is updated, you have seven days to adjust your profile just how you want. Depending on how much info you put on your profile and how long you’ve been using Facebook could determine if you’ll need that much time, but at the end of the seven days, the change is permanent.

The Timeline lets people see all your Facebook activity instead of just the most recent items. The right side of the screen will now have the Timeline navigation where you can go back and look at your friends’ activity to the time they were born. You can add more items to the time before you joined Facebook, called life events, and it will be like a new online scrapbook. But, if there are things you don’t want to share, Facebook is giving you one week to make any changes.

#1 Learn the Timeline Layout

It’s going to be permanent, so you might as well know what you’re looking at with the new layout.  You’ll have a cover to your profile, and it’s one large image that sits in the background. Your stories (posts) can be highlighted or hidden so you can feature what you want people to see about you. There’s a whole new set of apps that are ready for the new layout, and they are more interactive than ever.

#2 Preview Period is Clean-up Time

After you get Timeline, no one can see the changes for seven days. Use this time to highlight things you want to share and hide things you don’t. Hit the gear menu at the top of the Timeline to see how it looks to everyone else. Select View as to see your profile as a friend or from the public point of view.

#3 Hide or Highlight Posts

To highlight a post, hover over it and click the star to expand it to two columns. You can also click the pencil to edit a post. Use the privacy dropdown menu to change who can see what. There is also an only me choice for hiding things.

#4 Check Activity Log

This is where you can double check your posts, and no one else can see your log. There’s two dropdown menus by each story in the log. One lets you change who can see it and the other puts it in the Timeline. To find a specific kind of post, hit the all dropdown menu at the top of the log and choose what you need. For example, you might only want photos to be shown from some apps.

#5 Switch to Timeline Now

If you want the Timeline now, go to facebook.com/about/timeline and hit the get timeline link. You can also just wait for the announcement to appear at the top of your profile.

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