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Prevent leg burn and radiation damage with LapGuard.

By Deb Frey

I met the team from Digital Innovations at CES2012 in Las Vegas this year. The LapGuard With Radiation Shielding is a great device. What I like about their products is the simplicity of use. I have a tendency to work with my laptop on my lap.  In the past this caused my laptop to overheat and burn my legs. Yikes!  With the LapGuard I can now work with my laptop on my lap and not worry about radiation or my computer overheating…
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With the dual fans my laptop is kept cool, which will also extend its life.  I like the USB device that plugs into my laptop to keep the fans operating.  I consider it to be a great product at $49.99.

From Digital Innovations Website:

Protects you and your family from laptop radiation and heat. Recent reporting suggests that radiation emitted from Wi-Fi enabled laptop computers may be harmful to your reproductive system. Whether you are male or female, enjoy peace of mind and comfort with a Digital Innovations LapGuard. It features patent-pending technology to shield your sensitive reproductive organs from laptop radiation and heat.

  • Manufactured by: Digital Innovations
  • Patent-pending technology substantially reduces exposure to harmful laptop radiation and heat
  • Retractable USB cable provides quick and easy storage
  • Dual whisper-quiet fans help keep laptop cool for maximum performance and longevity
  • Variable-speed fan control
  • USB powered for convenience
  • Wedge-shaped and padded for comfort and easy typing