Yup, this app is super handy.

Clean drinking water is something we might take for granted at home, but travelers need to be really careful about the source of their water. If they haven’t done the groundwork to determine the safety of the tap water, they could be in for a world of hurt, as there are many places where the quality of the water coming out of the tap is sketchy.

When you’re on the road, how can you know if the tap water is safe to drink? If you’re in the U.S.A., chances are you can trust that the local municipal water supply is completely safe to drink, but if you get off of the beaten path, it’s a whole different ball game…

But a new free iOS app from Vitens, called Water Advisor, could make the difference between being adequately hydrated while traveling or horribly sick from waterborne contamination. The app tells you whether the tap water is safe to drink, no matter where in the world you are. And if it isn’t safe, it gives you some tips on how to safely drink the water in that particular location, including what measures to take to make it drinkable, and what to be aware of if you need to buy water to drink.

The app is also full of facts about water in different locations, such as where the tap water in that country comes from, how the water is purified there, as well as other water facts, like what the most expensive water in the world is, and where people use the biggest volume of water. Users can select countries as favorites in order to have easy access to them later, as well as being able to share that information on Twitter.

Water Advisor also features a FAQ section in order to guide travelers in their water use while abroad, including questions such as how long the water has to be boiled for it to be safe to drink, and whether or not unsafe water can be used for teethbrushing. Info from the app is available in both English and Dutch.

So if you’re off on a grand adventure, consider taking Water Advisor along with you. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.