If you can’t code, you are a prisoner to those who can.

Mexican entrepreneur Cristian Castillo thinks avoiding investors is important.
Castillo, co-founder of instaDM, a messaging service for Instagram, doesn’t consider himself a coder, but can hack his ideas into early-stage products.
He already has made a few apps that have gained traction…

For instance, instaDM lets people send direct messages to each other on Instagram and it has already been downloaded 150,000 times since it launched last week in the Apple App store.
He also ran a popular site in Mexico that has sent more than 10 million SMS messages.
Being able to see how the app does in the Apple App Store gives him real-time feedback and allows him to see which apps he should invest more time into.
He figures it is a numbers game.
“What I’m able to do is avoid investors and fail quickly, and move as needed,” Castillo said.
His recipe for success is to develop 10 products a year and spend time on the ones that do well.
“At some point, in the past, I tried to go the ‘easy’ route and hire other people to do the coding, but the product takes longer and it’s worse,” Castillo said.
Founders who don’t know how to code will usually develop one idea at a time. They are usually tied to that idea because of an investment, and can’t move onto something else.
This story was originally published by Entrepreneur.